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Skateboard machines




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Letting boards dry

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After boards are sprayed they have to dry. This can take 24 hours to really let the varnish dry and get hard.

Here some setup we have to let them dry.




although not shown in pictures a kicktail longboard goes through the same process.


Complete Longboard

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Some simple completed boards



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40 inch Pintail Longboard

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A popular model is the 40 inch blank pintail longboard.

This is a classic shape which is relative easy to manufacture and we plan to make a lot of them.
North America maple veneers are used for these board the most. This will produce a board that gives you a smooth ride.



You can find all kinds or decorations on this type of boards. For an other example see some variation of a  pintail longboard deck at an online store.
Pintail vary in length however 38-42 is the most popular size. There are a couple of models that take it to 44-46, but they take more material and have a little higher waste rate, so we try to stay focussed on the more common sizes for pin tail longboards. Just like any other model you need to attach a good pair of trucks to it and of course wheels.  From the deck production point of view it doesn’t matter to us what type of wheels you put on there, just make sure they fit with your riding style.


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Drop Down Longboard Shape

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The drop down shape is a bit more sophisticated and requires more work.

The drop down or drop deck longboard has a lowered deck which provide more stability.
The center of gravity is closer to the ground. Very good cruising boards.
The board is sometimes called a drop down long board.



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Simple Basic Proven Longboard Shapes

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Some basic shapes are kicktail and pintail longboards.

they are pretty straightforward and don’t have a lot of concave or camber.

board-shapesbased on the wheelbase they can be a bit more pointy or round at the edges.

We put 6-8 ply’s in them to make them sturdy or super flexible.

Mostly from Canadian Maple veneers.


Creating long lasting sensational longboards

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Our focus is on quality and performance. It takes time to find the right machinery, molds, decals to create a great board. Using the right and best wood is essential. Pressing with the thinnest glue lines and making it fit with precision makes or breaks a good longboard.


Great hard rock maple veneer is an excellent source to build longboards from.

Having a CNC machine to put in the wheel wells and do some shaping is key these days as boards are getting more and more advanced and complex.

mfg1 press_veneers

Precision hole drilling with adjustable old and new hole patterns make sure you can use the wide range of today’s trucks.

One of our distributors is check out their blank board section.

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Hello Skaters

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Hi Skaters and Longboarders, you found our site on skateboard mfg. Great.

We are building a wood-pressing facility in California. Most of it will be OEM.
Boards will be focused on longboarding, maybe some shorter skateboarding too.

Will update with some images and information in the near future.


Shred On!