Drop Down Longboard Shape

The drop down shape is a bit more sophisticated and requires more work. The drop down or drop deck longboard has a lowered deck which provide more stability. The center of gravity is closer to the ground. Very good cruising boards. The board is sometimes called a drop down long board.  

Simple Basic Proven Longboard Shapes

Some basic shapes are kicktail and pintail longboards. they are pretty straightforward and don’t have a lot of concave or camber. based on the wheelbase they can be a bit more pointy or round at the edges. We put 6-8 ply’s in them to make them sturdy or super flexible. Mostly from Canadian Maple veneers.

Creating long lasting sensational longboards

Our focus is on quality and performance. It takes time to find the right machinery, molds, decals to create a great board. Using the right and best wood is essential. Pressing with the thinnest glue lines and making it fit with precision makes or breaks a good longboard.   Great hard rock maple veneer is…

Hello Skaters

Hi Skaters and Longboarders, you found our site on skateboard mfg. Great. We are building a wood-pressing facility in California. Most of it will be OEM. Boards will be focused on longboarding, maybe some shorter skateboarding too. Will update with some images and information in the near future.   Shred On!